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Prof. Dr. Racha Kirakosian

Racha Kirakosian’s work is located at the intersection of women’s history, text culture and religion in the Middle Ages. Current research topics include the image of Mary Magdalene in late medieval culture and spiritual inscriptions.

Racha Kirakosian has been a fellow at Hamburg Institute for Advanced Study (HIAS) from 2021 to 2022.

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Sabine Rischer


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Meret Wüthrich

Meret Wüthrich (she/her) is a postgraduate student and academic assistant in our team. The working title of her dissertation project: Die Bücher der Reuerinnen. Schreib- und Literaturbetrieb im Kloster St. Maria Magdalena in Freiburg i. Br.

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Lea von Berg

Lea von Berg has been an assistant to Prof. Kirakosian since winter term 2022/23 and continues this work in summer term 2023. She is doing her doctorate with Prof. Kirakosian and PD Dr. Christian Kühner on the historiography of the Nuremberg Poor Clares at the beginning of the 16th century and is interested in narratological aspects and processes of identity formation.

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Jonas Hermann

Jonas Hermann was the teaching stand-in for Linus Möllenbrink during the summer term 2022.Since summer term 2023, he has been working with us again in Freiburg.

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Mareike Reisch


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Jessica Schwab

Her activities as assistant administrator include working on the website and managing the content on the Chair’s Instagram account. Jessica Schwab is studying German and Philosophy/Ethics in her M.Ed. degree.

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Philine Armbruster

In her work as a student assistant, she is involved in the redesign of the introductory lecture to medieval studies. In addition, she takes over as tutor for the introductory lecture. Philine Armbruster is studying German and biology in the polyvalent bachelor’s degree program.

Momo Collmer

His activities as a student assistant include, among other things, literature research and the creation of bibliographies. Momo Collmer is studying history and German studies: German literature.

Former members of our team:

Dr. Linus Möllenbrink

The research project of Linus Möllenbrink is concerned with gender roles of implied readers in religious literatur of the late Middle Ages. His methodological approach includes historical narratology, reception theory and gender studies.

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Pauline Grell

As a research assistant during the winter term 2020/21 and the summer term 2021, Pauline Grell was concerned with literature research, compiling bibliographies and working on the website. She is studying German studies, political science and history in her polyvalent Bachelor’s degree.

During the winter term 2022/23, she acted as tutor for Prof. Kirakosian’s seminar course.

Alisa Jung
(winter term 2021/22 – summer term 2022)

Alisa Jung started working as a research assistant in the winter term 2021/22. Since 2017, she has been studying History and German (teaching degree) at the University of Freiburg. She has been particularly interested in medieval texts since her bachelor thesis with Prof. Kirakosian on the female breast in the legends of martyrs.

PD Dr. Michael R. Ott
(winter term 2021/22 – summer term 2022)

In his current project, Michael Ott is working together with Dr. Helge Perplies (University of Heidelberg) on the subject of post-romantic perspectives on medieval literature. His main research interests include postcolonial studies, cultural studies, inscription and materiality, as well as prose novels and the history of narratological terms.

Stephan Lauper
(winter term 2021/22)

On September 1st, 2021, Stephan Lauper started his work in Prof. Kirakosian’s team. He was the teaching stand-in for Linus Möllenbrink during the winter term 2021/22.